“Diane is an amazing songwriter and a world healer.” — Bill Brickey, Chicago music teacher and event producer

Reviews for Open Road

Open Road album cover

Reviews for Open Road,
which made the DJ Charts, March 2018.

“This album is what the world needs to hear right now. It is a healthy shot of solidarity, support and love … Patterson’s voice is mesmerizing …”
-Linda Jameson, Americana UK

“Open Road’ [Diane’s} latest album offers enough spiritual infusion to suggest it should be offered by medical practitioners for ‘soul healing’. . . a fusion that needs to be heard . . . an instrumental mix that drives and pulses, soothes and caresses . . . Listen and feel healed.”
FolkWords, by Tom Franks

“ . . . she isn’t just mining Joni’s early territory she has mastered the spirit of it and that’s not an easy thing to do. At times, her voice even echoes Joni’s young voice and her hints of vibrato is a fine example of a great singer who always lasts to the ribbon at the end of the race.”
–NoDepression, by John Apice

The whole review from FolkWords, by Tom Franks
“The words ‘sacred’ and ‘spiritual’ have little to do with religion. I learned that in the southern Rocky Mountains finding out about spirituality and life in Pike National Forest over 45 years ago. Some music is described as spiritual, sometimes accurately – the music created by Diane Patterson definitely fits that description and ‘Open Road’ her latest album offers enough spiritual infusion to suggest it should be offered by medical practitioners for ‘soul healing’. The essences of this album synthesize and coalesce through challenges, grieving, inspiration, reflection and ultimately healing, with a mix of influence showing through and resulting in a fusion that needs to be heard.

Making an undoubted impression through a voice that demands attention overlaying an instrumental mix that drives and pulses, soothes and caresses, ‘Open Road’ encourages you to join on a journey of refuge – from the truths in ‘Rogue River Highway’ and the potent ‘If There Are Words’ through the unhindered honesty of ‘Baby Loves Love’ and Marca Cassity’s ‘Raven’ to the deeply  reflective ‘Eagle Feather’ and ‘Shape Of Your Sorrow’. Listen and feel healed.”

Reviews of Build a Bridge and beyond

“Diane sees herself as a pilgrim and global citizen cultivating positive change. When she travels to Hawaii, Europe, or New Folsom Prison to share her songs, she’s also celebrating life, embracing ancient wisdom, and creating community. Build a Bridge is the perfect title for the new album from this open-hearted spiritual warrior who sings with an awareness that all of life is sacred.
Describing the inspiration for her song “Holy Land,” Patterson says: “Although there are places called Holy Lands, I move through this world and see that it’s all holy land, and all beings are holy. The time of conquering and colonizing must end.”
Build a Bridge continues Patterson’s journey of “funky earth ballads” grounded in gratitude for nature and ancestors. On “Costa Rica” she sings, “I gotta get my hands in the dirt.” “Restore Me” begins as a delicate tune and opens into a powerful, danceable song inspired by Patterson’s first exposure to permaculture, the holistic design system that uses nature as a model. “I live in the arms of this fragrant land,” she sings. She told S&H, “Our ancestors dedicated themselves to our well-being by creating good relations and abundance. Now it’s our turn to see that everything keeps getting more balanced.”
Patterson’s life philosophy is perhaps wrapped up in one insightful line in her song “The Lamp”: “The world is not ours / The world is us.”
–John Malkin for Spirituality and Health Magazine

“Thanks so much for blowing me away at Metate last Friday night in Murphys. I’ve been playing your CD ever since, and singing with new inspiration. I’m calling your CD a great soundtrack for 2012 . . . music for a rebirth of culture.”
—Susan Shoaff, Sustenance Books, Murphys, CA, March 2012


“. . .  deeply moving lyrics and soul stirring melodies. You have an amazing gift and I’m grateful to now be one of the people who have been touched by it.”
— Craig Hamilton, Integral Enlightenment, comments on Build a Bridge.

“I want to thank you for your gift of music and prayers. In my darkest times, your prayer music soothes my sometimes inconsolable heart. Also in the many joyous time of my life your music has moved me:-)” —Kat Steele, Esalen Institute

“. . . massive wave of appreciation for your music and the healing energy you bring to this world. . . been listening to your music all morning and its just bringing me continual tears — the good kind — how beautiful and profound this life!! Thank you for your medicine to remind us all. . .”
–Ty Bell, Health Force team leader and music event producer

“FANTASTIC. Diane, you are a great musician.”
Paul Emery Music, Nevada City, Ca. Oct. 2015

“Recently I had the great heart opening and soul expanding pleasure to have Diane Patterson and SaraTone perform live in the on-air-studio at KZSC during my program ‘Conciliation Sunday’. What amazing songbirds these two empowered women are! The Dalai Lama says, ‘Western women will save the world.’, and SaraTone and Diane Patterson are at the forefront of helping people remember their roots in ‘Source’, ‘All Creation’, and G.O.D. as the ‘Grand Operational Design’, inspiring us to live together in peace, love, joy, and wisdom. Where Sara has the rhythm and fierce nurturing of the Mother Earth coursing through her heart and lyrics, Diane is easily a spokeswoman for indigenous ancestors, downtrodden masses, and the environment, all with the twinkle of the ‘fairy people’ in her smile and eyes. Both are allies for the world and ride a river of Spirit that encourages all who come into their influence to move powerfully forward into ‘Great Mystery’ with curiosity, awe and wonder, a sense of adventure, and emotional flexibility. If ever you have the chance to experience the performance of one, or both, of these two bright woman/spirits, go! Treat yourself to a dose of deep compassionate humanity and joyous love that will reside in your heart and soul forever!
–Kevin Spitzer
Host of ‘Conciliation Sunday’ from 6-9 am. Sundays, on KZSC, Santa Cruz 88.1 fm, or
Conciliation Sunday with Kevin Spitzer

“I find Diane Patterson’s voice and songs to be so powerful, rich and authentic and her latest offering “World Awake” is just more of a great thing!  This CD is part of the soundtrack to the sacred revolution that is now unfolding and connecting us to nature, creating new communities, and embracing the wisdom and compassion of older and wiser cultures than our own.
World Awake is a joyous invitation to celebrate the beauty and mystery of life and a passionate wake-up call to face the environmental and social crises we now experience together, on mother earth.
Diane’s lyrics and music remind me of the gratitude I have for the powerful ocean, the old redwoods, my own breath and the incredible courage of so many people to face hardship and struggle to create a conscious, liberated world.
I love the range I hear in Diane’s vocals on Wide Awake; from the subtle and gentle singing accompanied by harmonium on “Lady with a Lamp” to the earthy and invigorated drum-beat vocals of “Take It To The Mountain” and the welcoming, happy feeling of “Aloha.”
World Awake is a great love letter to mother earth and all of her creatures, including us!  Here’s music to dance to, heal with, and support us in climbing the mountain together to an awakened world.”
—John Malkin, Free Radio Santa Cruz, author of Sounds of Freedom, June 2011

“You have the voice of an angel . . . Your inner beauty shines through. Keep on singing. You are a healer.”
-Kat Decker, producer, Women’s Goddess Festival

“Your music gives wings to my heart and bliss to my soul.”
-Kristen Vollbrecht, Albuquerque, NM

“Thanks so much for your rousing and soulful performance at the Kuumbwa. Many people, including yours truly, gushed over your suave sound.”
-Scott Munro, One Potato Productions, Santa Cruz

“You bring a definite positive energy . . . magical. . .”
-Alicia Dienst of Melody and the Matriarchs

“You, woman, have a beautiful voice, reminiscent of my country’s melancholy. You, with your voice, take me far away, to my land! You have a sacred talent.”
-Laura Martinez Chavez, Zapatista Solidarity Coalition

“Your music has brought so much magic and positive energy into my life.”
-Shanti Wright, Santa Rosa, CA

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  1. Sean Bianco says:

    I am so proud to have been your teacher and friend and it makes me so happy to see following your bliss. Namaste
    Love Sean

  2. Heather says:

    Super talented individual here! I seriously have never found anyone so compelled and jazzed concerning music, that is so naturally gifted. In person is the way to see and feel this one! Sometimes Our Lord gets it perfectly. Thanks for being that one, Diane!!


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