July 2019, Germany, the apology song.
I’ve got a satchel of songs to say I’m sorry.
For Dakota woman, Water Protector, and all-around amazing community-serving human, Geraldine Mcmanus ,and for the buffalo who came to Standing Rock to help the people protect the water. Water is Life.

3 thoughts on “Videos

  1. Nicole says:

    Hi Diane! I was at the Women’s Herbal Conference this weekend and I heard you playing your ukulele as I was laying in the sun, you were playing some slow, somber sounding songs and I can up afterwords and asked for your card! I loved listening to your albums on Spotify on my ride home! 🙂

    I didn’t however hear those slower ukulele songs on there! Are they newer?

    Thanks, blessings

    1. diane says:

      Hi Nicole! I probably played Rogue River Highway, which will be on my next album, coming out this winter. Yes, newer.Shall I put you on my mailing list? Then you’ll know when the songs are out. And I think they’ll end up on Spotify. Great to meet you!


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