Final Day of Art Summer Wiesenburg

I just had a super sweet jam session with a small group of early 20’s international students from the retreat here in Germany. David from Italy, So Bom from Korea, Ariane and Chandra/Svenya from Germany, with Hee Jin from Korea and Laura from Germany drawing in the room with us. Super good vibes. We ended with a long, sweet Jah Jah Shall Lead the Way/We’ll Be Forever Loving Jah, and David and So Bom were singing the refrain with me. Magic! We had a fun discussion in which we compared the different ways we all say Rock/Scissors/Paper in our four different languages. My favorite was definitely the Korean. It was something like Bom/Lom/Pom! I’ll get that right from So Bom tomorrow, promise ;O)

Earlier we had the big ending day for the art retreat, with an installation of the visual and videoed pieces created in the last three days. The public was invited. I participated in a procession with the masks and a beautiful song that Barbara taught us.

The song says:
Go where you cannot go
Look where you cannot see
Hear where there is no sound,
and you are where God speaks.

For the procession, we all wore black, and those with masks on walked in front, all around the Art Hall, ceremoniously, singing those words and then slowly passing the masks back and presenting a basket of sweetness to our leader Iris.

Upcycling and filmmaker rock star, Vahagn, from Russia, a true Caucasian from the Casacks, presented films he had edited till 4am the night before. The films were both of the days leading up to the retreat and of the theatre pieces created and performed out in the nearby park. All so excellent. Vahagn is also working on a film of the entire retreat that will be finished in the next weeks. Perhaps we’ll get a link to that one here 🙂

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