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Open Road

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Guitar and ukulele driven songs with compelling voice and lyrics tell stories of how we rise, how we heal in diversity, praise the beauty and grieve the losses; with Ani DiFranco's tasty and rockin' rhythm section, Terrence Higgins and Todd Sickafoose.
Release Date: 2018

Love and Revolution (Live)

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Diane's upbeat ukulele song, Love & Revolution, from her 2016 release Teach, Inspire, Be Real, asks playfully, poetically, What if it all ends tomorrow? Performed here live with bass, drums and wonderful lead acoustic guitar.
Release Date: 2017

Teach, Inspire, Be Real

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Mystic acoustic Americana, from guitar and voice to full band arrangements, varied styles, ukulele-driven songs, all from the heart, with great West Coast players, nature-, travel- and liberation-themed lyrics in strong vocal delivery, harmonies.
Release Date: 2016

Build a Bridge

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Mystical magical journeys through the heart, earthy and deep, with powerful voice. From rocking to simple goodness. Full band sounds with stellar drumming, fret-less bass, native american flute, electric guitars, more. Stellar, 4th solo album.
Release Date: 2013

Restore Me

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Diane Patterson writes & plays her Funky Earth Ballads and Sacred Songs for the Peaceful Revolution on acoustic guitar, ukulele and voice.
Release Date: 2012

Holy Days of Winter

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A holiday gift to our waking world, where all lands are holy, the goddess is alive, and Santa brings what we all want most . . . love. 3 songs. Acoustic guitar and powerful voice, timeless, global messages, lush vocals, horns, bass and drums/percussion.
Release Date: 2011

World Awake

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Diane plays her funky earth ballads for the peaceful revolution on guitar, ukulele and djembe. Several songs have rockin' full band arrangements with drum, bass, lead guitar, and piano or Hammond organ. There are three live cuts and 9 studio recordings.
Release Date: 2010

Hip the Hip

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Funky Earth Ballads on Acoustic Guitar  Release Date: 2005

Somewhere There's A Song Still Singing

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This song celebrates deep, old-tyme connection between people and land and songs. We have an old saying in English, "I have to get the lay of the land,” and I understand the lay of the land to mean, the song of the land. And so we continue to sing, to the land, for our people, for all people, as if our lives depend on it, because in some ways, they do!

Pachamama is Rising

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This is a totally live performance, cut up to choose songs but otherwise just as is. This was in summer of 2007 in Maui, Hawai'i, on the Alana Mana Radio show, with host Alana Mana and engineer Don Lopez.

Turn Toward the Sun

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Turn Toward The Sun was written for Geraldine Mcmanus and the buffalo of Standing Rock. Diane met Geraldine during a very brief visit to the Standing Rock Water Protectors' camp in October 2016, while on tour with then-new Teach, Inspire, Be Real cd. When they met again about 8 months later, Dakota woman, Geraldine, asked Diane to write a song that would tell the story of the buffalo coming to sacrifice themselves for the people and the water at Standing Rock. Geraldine spoke for 3 hours, telling Diane about the vision she had during a healing session and then how the buffalo came to Standing Rock during the fall, and then again in the winter. The song tells it, but only 8 or 9 water protectors were there that deep winter day when Geraldine's vision came true and the buffalo came to help. The story of this great gift is going out as we sing and tell and re-member the infinite generosity of noble buffalo who somehow knew there was going to be bloodshed at the confluence that day.
The whole world is watching.
Water is Life.

5 thoughts on “Buy CDs

  1. Gillian says:

    Love your beautiful music! Met you last spring at the women’s herbal symposium, bought your CD and play it all the time. Build a Bridge is a work of spiritual beauty. It moves me. Thank you, Diane! Are you coming to the symposium this year?

  2. Brenda Leona says:

    a fan of your soul medicine….bless…..mahalo

  3. James Fox says:

    I am a programmer and bought your C.D. Live at the Palms and will air two tracks on 9/9/16. On Blue Mountain Radio KQBM LP 103.7 FM West Point KQBM 90.7 FM San Andreas. My radio program is ” Love is the song we Sing “. Your music will be in set two. I am on facebook as James Fox. If you would like friended the answer is yes. And I will send you the link for the edited show for downloaded or listening. Happy trails, James

  4. Elizabeth Larson says:

    Saw you last night at the Pabst theater…I ABSOLUTELY love your music! Your voice is SO incredible! Thanks for sharing your beautiful songs with us!


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