Build A Bridge


Mystical magical journeys through the heart, earthy and deep, with powerful voice. From rocking to simple goodness. Full band sounds with stellar drumming, fretless bass, native american flute, electric guitars, more. Stellar, 4th solo album.



Here are a few cuts from Build A Bridge

Choose the Long Road


Holy Land Remix


Shall We Rise / Occupy!


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Choose the Long Road
I brush my fingers on the lute
For me, there is no substitute
To hear that dounbek, skin on skin
To see the whirling dance begin
To feel the Friend come closer in
Letting go

Not long ago
The life that held me in a golden cage
All went up in flames
Now I’m alone on this road like a wild horse
Galloping from town to town
No one can claim me
I’m a smoldering incense, burn me up
I’m just a subtle essence, just some ashes in a cup
Letting go, e la allah allah Letting go

There’s so many songs and so many voices
So many roads to take and seek the holy ones
Choose the long road
Letting go

I throw down my heart on this spot
Giving every ounce of all I got
Like a holy grail, full me up
Deliver me well, sacred cup, drink me up
To the foot of your altar, to your holy sandal straps
To the dust that lifts in flurries by your sacred sufi dance
Letting go

Holy Land
For timeless souls, just one, a billion
The tavern master winks, then listens
Speak your heart, oh simple pilgrim
Let devotion send your visions
You, peace-seeking, traveling lover
Have no fear to love another
Lift your song upon this bridge
That spans to every holy land
Let there be love and light
And we’ll wander through those swinging doors
Where wild birds can then fly through
Those swinging doors to me and you

Build a bridge, this is holy land
Build a prayer, it’s all holy land

Build a bridge to holy lands
With open hearts and healing hands
Where love is simply traded clean
For love and care and healing things
Build a bridge just rocks and bones
And simple things that stack and hold
Like memories of loving times
And words that kindle and inspire
Build a bridge of eagle wings
And condor eggs and fragile things
Just strong enough to hold us well
So we can all still break the spell
So wild birds can still fly through
Those swinging doors to me and you

It’s all holy land through the pilgrim’s eye
Where every rock and tree’s alive
It’s all holy land cause we’re waking up
And every drop is in a sacred cup
It’s all holy land!

The soul has come through the jade screen
To wander in this world of dreams
It’s all holy land.

The Lamp
I have lit that lamp that needs no oil
I have eaten from the pot that needn’t boil
On the Way of the Wind, the light where soul begins
Designers, dancers, friends, we circle round again
So good to see your face again
It’s new moon night, and the dark is growing deeper
A time to dream for open-hearted warriors
Floating on the sea, in a ritual of dreams
The world is not ours, the world is us.
I have lit that lamp that needs no oil
I have become that flame that needs no fuel
Rejoin the ritual of planting seeds and dreams
On mountains, fields and streams
In the spirit of the trees
The force, the heart that leads
And loves and needs and bleeds
Look into my eyes, good friend
We’re on this journey to the end
Open the way for the warriors
Open the way for the warriors of the heart
See we can see in the dark
Open the way for the warriors of the heart

Restore Me
Restore me to health,
My body and my mind
Like earth and sea and sky
Let me run free, let me crawl free
Let me swim free, let me fly free
Let me breathe deep of the highest Intention of our time
Show me the way To the Mystery

Restory the song of this land, the bird call, the waters fall
The whisper of rain on the farms that remain
And though the little guy’s been undercut
Some continue no matter what
I live in the arms of this fragrant land
No matter the name of the town I’m in
Tobacco and sage bless relations and places
The cycles, the changes and phases
So let this journey be long
Cause I’m continuing on and
I fly over

With the seasons and songs
The celebrations that guide we
And just like rain through a swail
May we travel this trail
Where the prayer trees still bend
In the sharp autumn wind

And if there’s a wall, a roadblock on my path, my love
On my way to work, to my garden
On my way to the water well, well
I fly over
If there’s a wall between us when we speak my love
I wanna hear what you’re dreaming of, so
I fly over
If you’re in pain, cause every man’s burden is the heaviest,
you got to offer that pain up and say
I fly over
And if you’re afraid, cause the way you been living is all changing
You know, you just let go, cause it’s all gotta change, you know, say
I fly over, make your own peace, say
I fly over

Restory the song in our hands,
What it looked like on that day when
we all sat down in peace
Cause the peace was made.
Cause we all sang, I fly over
I fly over

Shall We Rise/ Occupy!
Give thanks to the fire, give thanks to the fire
For keeping the flame alive,
Well we’re living in a world where Occupation is war
But peace is the vibe we’re creating and What we’re living for
So, what is this movement and What shall we occupy?
Well I say, where are our hearts?
And I say, where are our minds,
and Where are our bodies, and
Are we really in them?
What are our stories and
How do we choose to live them?
Some say the commons have been privatized
And the banks own it all
Well, this is bigger than it looks
And tyranny is bound to fall
So we’re waking up to strategize
And some gots the visions in our eyes
So don’t let that old pepper spray
Take the goodness all away
We’ll keep our eyes glued to the prize
And when the world is watching,
We’ll rise, rise, rise, rise, rise
Good vibrations
We’ll rise, rise, rise, rise, rise
Good relations
We’ll rise, rise, rise, rise, rise
Because we’re rocking and rocking and rocking and . . .

Good morning town, the train’s whistling through
American progress, the world’s watching you
Which way are we gonna go,
Further down the profit trap door
Which way are we gonna go
Further down, or shall we rise
Shall we rise? Decolonize!
Value life, give respect, human rights, decolonize!
Now we’re taking this healing rhythm to the streets,
Shall we rise!

Carry Your Ancestors
Carry your ancestors like a
Brightly woven blanket bundle
Lay it down for singing or loving
Wrap your shoulders when you’re cold
Carry your bight bundle well, now
Carry through till you grow old
If you feel like someone’s done you wrong
Don’t forget your bundle, walk along
See the moon come ripe as a harvest song
Know the road you’re walking on
Let forgiveness rise up and set you free
In your fullness you shall be
Broken Heart is Open Heart
Let Love Take Your Broken Heart
Broken Heart is Open Heart
Know the Road You’re Walking On
Let the dawn light tear you open wide
Break your heart open from the inside
Let the healer look inside your mind
Let her songs erase the time
Sacrifice upon your altar
Any voice of doubt you find

Ebb and Flow
Ebb and flow, wax and wane
What once was here is gone again
Silver streak across the sky
I can’t just sit and wonder why
Simple wisdom guide me home
To the heart I call my own
Circling prayer beads, turquoise, red
Earth and sky turn all to bed

If This Train
All the rocks and trees of Sweden
All the red and yellow houses
Lakes and rivers, slender forests
Keep on passing by
In my mind the miles stretch me
All the stories to unwind
Living for the peaceful moments
In between, they’re hard to find
In this aching place I’m hungry
but it’s truth alone can feed me
Watch the blue sky teach me vastness
Though my heart heart contains such sadness
Soon I get my bags and guitar
To the show, they’re waiting for me
Celebrate the love of life,
The land, the road all singing with me
If this train just keep on driving
I’ll never have to get off
I’ll just keep on staring at the infinite sky,
I’ll never have to stop
This train
All the rocks and trees of Sweden
All the red and yellow houses
Lakes and rivers, slender forests
Keep on passing by
In my mind the miles stretch me
All the stories to unwind
Living for the peaceful moments
In between, they’re mine to find

Great Goddess chant
Great Goddess, I am so thankful
To have you guiding me,
protecting me, I am

Everybody wanna tame the wild gypsies
Everybody think they really can
Everything I know come from in my soul
I had to dig down there to understand
Centuries of traveling through this world
In every state and every land got me
Always looking for a safe place
To park my bed
And a warm heart to lay my head
And when I fall down on my pillow deep
Wild dreams come into my sleep and I’m
Always looking for a new place to park my bed
And a warm face to inspire my head
Always, always
Goodbye, till it’s hello again. Always

Everybody wanna tame the wild gypsies
Everybody think they really can
‘Oh won’t you come and stay in our home,’
They say, ‘Get yourself on solid land . . .
Be a part of our family.’
Oh, but they don’t understand
See, I’ll sing by your fire side
All through the night
When my soul wakes in the morning light
Ill take my songs out on the road
I’ll light my fire when and where I choose
I’ll never answer to any man
Any man try to win me, he just lose
Always, always, always

Everybody wanna tame the wild gypsies
Everybody think they really can

Costa Rica
Costa Rica, la casa Pura Vida!
(Costa Rica, the home of pure living)
Punta Mona, roots! permaculture
(Punta Mona, permaculture farm on the Caribbean)

Stephen’s smoking fish just right
Sarah’s got the beans and rice
Spirits of the afternoon are
Flowing through the heart of time
Slowing us down to a Caribbean beat
Singing so soft with their silent feet
Incantations of peace on earth,
Good vibrations,
What is love worth
Just listen, we’re circling in the kitchen
There’s nothing missing
Getting well, we’re just blissing

Costa Rica
La casa, Pura Vida!
Punta Mona
Roots! permaculture

Benja’s got the permaculture rap
Earth care, people care, what’s the haps?
Sharing abundance the natural way
Watching the mama earth day by day
She’s the one that makes it all real
Talk to me, friend, tell me how you feel
The problem’s an opportunity
Inspiration’s washing over me
I gotta get my hands in the dirt
I gotta wash my own stinky shirt
Come here to change my life, find out
I’m just fine
And happiness is a state of mind
El corazón is lleno de contestas
La cabeza as llena de preguntas
The mind is full of questions
The heart is full of answers
So, where do you want to be?
Viva! En el corazon.
Live in the heart.
Costa Rica!

I Like Your Style
I like your style, I hope you can stay for a while
By my side, sometimes I ride alone
But for this one, will you come along
I like your style
If I tell my story, will you lend a listening ear
I was a queen of one, but now of many
I open my eyes, now you’re here
I like your style
Take my heart, it’s already been broken
Broken open and free
Take my love, it just keeps on returning
Like a bee to the blossoming tree
That’s how they make that honey
I like your style
Take me out to the record store
Take me out for a beer
Take me in, and throw me in bed,
Cause I just want some love without fear
I’m gonna find it right here
I like your style
Singing love songs all night long . . .

2 thoughts on “Build A Bridge

  1. Grace says:

    i was looking at Building off the grid books & info & came across your photo link ~ i thought this was about Earthen shelters & architect building & design at first… Spiritually amazing webpage as well…. this is quite interesting ~ & your Music is Wonderful & Very Enjoyable. thanks. i not put on music since my decade Long Partner that was a percussion Musician ~ passed on years ago. I normally do not go to any Music events – tho will consider “this gig again’ with this Intro – i really liked your song here. – thanks for the nice Tunes *~* Peace Luv & Light ~ Grace A Bear. I chose ‘the long road’ to listen to. well done. very nice. …. Good energy

  2. Suzanne McQueen says:

    I’m in love with this album. One of the very best ever! Great sound, beautiful lyrics, gorgeous arranging and phrasing.


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